Vertellen om wonden te genezen…

Als er een plek in Europa is waar nog wat onverwerkte verhalen vertelt MOETEN worden dan is dat wel in Bosnië, in Sarajevo. Vertellers gaan daar hedendaagse uitdagingen aan op een symposium dat in oktober daar gehouden wordt. Het is een bijeenkomst van Tellers Without Border, een naam die misschien al genoeg zegt. Ter inspiratie hierbij onvertaald hun eigen omschrijving van de activiteiten.  Meer informatie via


Storytelling Symposium : Words in a Treasure Chest

The path of the storyteller towards the challenges of today.
4th international meeting of Tellers Without Borders.

The symposium will take place 5.-7. Oct. 2018 in Sarajevo (Bosnia)
Core Group Meeting is 8.-9. October 2018

3 days Storytelling and the Challenges of Today – Round Tables – Workshops – Presentations – Storytelling on stage. Storytelling for community, peace and reconciliation and in education, emergency pedagogy, trauma pedagogy.


Our network of storytellers also addresses people who are seriously ill, those afflicted with dementia, people who are in the closing days of life, and those who mourn for what was. Immigrants and refugees coming to Europe are often traumatized by what they have endured. Tellers Without Borders‘ reaches out to them, too, for in Europe many people also need stories. Many times, we see that traditional folktales and stories told by one human to another can be key to reaching people who have retreated from their traumatic experiences. Stories give comfort, support, wonder and recall an inner sense of self often mislaid under the weight of torment. Listening to and telling stories strengthens our imagination, builds bridges between people and cultures and can help us developing an inner home.
One main task of the initiative is to offer expert trainings and to give opportunity for networking and exchange.

To build chorus from many voices, the experiences of Tellers without Borders’ storytellers are gathered into guiding ideas as a resource for the renewal of a humanistic and ethical understanding of storytelling.